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Stone Spa Massage

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Why Stone Massage?

Stone Massage combines deep healing massage techniques with the electro-magnetic energy of the stones, affecting the body on a much deeper level with amazing results.

Is this something new?

No, this is an Eastern modality of disease prevention used by healers from every area of the globe for thousands of years, stones have been used for healing in one form or another, In the late 90’s Sonia Alexandra LMT,  developed stone massage therapy introducing it to the spa and wellness industry, as a new menu item on a global level.

What types of stones should be used?

It is very important to only use stones that are true basalt and are conducive to this therapy. The basalt stones are primarily used for warm treatments, and the sedimentary stones are used primarily for cold stone therapy.

How do I heat the stones?

The medium should only be water, in a certified heating unit that will keep the temperature of the stones consistent between 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. We highly recommend that microwaves not be used, due to the fact that the mineral composition of the stones could cause an explosion an this could be extremely dangerous. Also the use of crock pots or skillets are also contra-indicated and can present a very un – professional image and safety  serious factor.

How do I clean the stones?

By using hot water and antibacterial soap.

What is the primary effect of Stone Massage?

The inducing of a deeper level of relaxation.

What are the contraindications?

Diabetes, and all other normal Massage indicators.

Can the Stones be incorporated into other treatments?

Absolutely, there is no limit as to how the stones can be incorporated into many specialized treatments as well as other modalities, they can be used in warm and cold alternative therapies, in luxurious facials, manicures as well as pedicures, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, anti-aging treatments and even as applicators to warm the mud prior to a detoxification treatment. The use of the stones in any treatment enhances that treatment due to the fact that the stones always act as a catalyst, moving energy from over-stimulated areas of the body and re-energize depleted ones, and just the fact of the warmth of the stone itself puts the ahhhhhh into any treatment.

How long should the stones stay warm?

This is a great question, the stones remaining warm will certainly vary depend on several factors, 1 is the stone size being used, the larger the stone, the longer the warmth expected.

However, this can greatly vary depending on several factors, the clients body size, the amount of adipose tissue, always remembering that the body will always absorb at its own rate. There will be instances when you apply a warm stone to a particular area on the client’s body, and you will notice the stone will turn ice cold immediately, what just happened? You have just experienced a major release of a blocked meridian, I am always amazed when that occurs. In conclusion, remember the body is absorbing the warmth of the stones at its own rate, and we should never expect the stones stay warm continuously.