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ABMP CEU & the Piezo Electric Response

Semi-Precious Stone Education from Sonia Alexandra LMT ABMP CEU (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals – Continuing Education Units) authorized course provider.

When tapping 2 stones or crystals together we release a burst of an electromagnetic sound wave, these resonances and vibration connect with and help our bodies natural frequencies flow freely bringing us into alignment with the source of original HARMONY promoting HEALING ON A DEEP CELLULAR LEVEL.

  • When tapping 2 quartz crystals of the same pole indication they can actually generate electricity.
  • Stones are movers of energy they give to a place that is lack and move in a place of excess.
  • When affecting change on a cellular level please remember to give the body enough time to adjust to the process. Aid it by remaining calm and drink enough water.
  • Remember: when you feel thirst your tissues are already in the dehydration process.
  • The Stone Tuning System.  Incorporating Stone Healing and abmp ceu

Energy transmitters/cosmic transceivers “Stone-Tonics” is an energy-based non-innovative treatment similar to the theory of acupuncture. As when specific crystals, warm and cool stone applied on acupressure points incorporated with rhythmic stone tapping addresses the body’s Meridians and Chakra energy systems. Their resonances and vibrations connect with and support the body’s natural frequencies, they can also act as sonic enzymes and mediate between varied energy realms within us and also help to ground and root energy in the body.

Every stone has within it a component of crystals, hundreds of different elements including and when tapped transmit subtle electro-magnetic energy. Silicon is an important component of both crystal and our bodies.

Science has shown us that if a crystal is placed in an energy field, it collects that energy and contains it, it can also change and transmit energy in the process. Quartz amplifies energy and then radiate it out, the exception black crystals absorb, but do not release the energy, giving protection from negative sources repelling unwanted energies when attuned properly.

Not all stones are created equal, we specifically select and collect the stones from areas of phenomenal high energy concentrations and unpolluted waste nesses such as in Indonesia, Argentina and Peru’s specific regions.

  • The Incas
  • Naval of the Universe
  • The Capac Usnu

Cuzco was among the greatest wonders of the ancient new world for the Inca it was literally the sacred center of the Universe, there is compelling evidence that the Inca practiced herbal medicine and shamanistic healings at times also including semi-precious stones.



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