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We Are Mind Body Soul Practitioner

We Are Mind Body Soul Practitioner


We will tell you we are all about caring, hoping and making a difference in people” lives.

We will also tell you that most of us have experienced this strange phenomenon.

We can all recall where we were, and with whom, when we experienced this phenomenon for the very first time. An unfamiliar milieu for sure

We were introduced and called forth a higher consciousness, a higher linked transpersonal connection.


I referred to it the healing touch miracle long ago. It occurs between client and practitioner who have formed an emotional bond, and there is a need for physical healing

It enters the room calmly, a subtle energy form, a cool cloud, a higher intelligence form that I can only describe it as pure ether energy.

For thousands of years, information was shared about this connected consciousness. Healers, medicine men, shamans, enlightened practitioner possess and are, capable of quite capable inducing this state, as simple as breathing.

In my personal experience, I became aware that this energy solidifies and creates the molecular restructure to the needed area of the body, assisting the body in its healing process. I call it body intelligence, inner consciousness, as healers we are just presenting the possibility, it is you and your body that re- act, scientific evidence is slowly emerging to verify what the healing community always knew, we can truly call it ancient wisdom

Using the massage stone tapping procedure, in conjunction with the therapy seems to amplify this process, due to the Piezo Electric Effect, in the body’s electromagnetic field.


As a spiritually motivated therapist dedicated to many modalities including hot stone massage and healing, I am still in awe when it occurs, I can only humbly share this with the deepest respect.


Please let us hear from you and your personal experiences.


Sonia Alexandra LMT

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