Massage Relief For Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

In my previous article I spoke about the possible causes and symptoms of fibromyalgia.
Today I would like to address treatment options, that I have personally used on my clients over the years with positive results

The usual symptoms are characterized by pain tenderness, joint pain, and stiffness of muscles, tendons and associated tissue.

Stone massage can bring quick relief, however I created a protocol of alternative warm and cool stone therapy that eases the pain for days.

We of course had to introduce the cool stones very gently as this was not favored initially, however the results spoke for themselves.
Begin each treatment by assessing each individual client’s needs.
Each session should begin, creating a quiet and relaxed atmosphere for each the client
Start by applying warm stones to the key areas, and begin by massaging the entire body with warm stones initially, then begin the alternative cool/ warm stone application, the duration should be no longer than 10 minute intervals.
Make certain you blot each stone dry, prior to application, and the application of medium pressure only with effleurage strokes.

End the treatment with warm over all application of stones, and allow the client to rest.

This protocol along with adequate rest, proper nutrition and guided meditation can make a remarkable difference in the life of anyone suffering with fibromyalgia.
From Sonia Alexandra LMT www.stonehealing.com

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