Stone Facial Massage Level I (16 CE)


This is one of the most comprehensive Stone Massage Facial – Level I Cognitive e-Course for Certification available anywhere, and through it you will learn how to administer an effective, relaxing facial for your clients which they would truly appreciate.

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With the ever-growing popularity of Stone Massage Facials, more and more facilities require staff to have the proper Stone Massage therapy training and certification by a recognized provider. In response to this demand, Sonia Alexandra has developed the Stone Massage Facial – Level I program, which, upon satisfactory completion you will be awarded your Certificate of Completion (where applicable) and earn sixteen (16) Continuing Education Units.

As the pioneer and developer of Stone Massage Facial – Level I, Sonia Alexandra’s purpose is to educate and enhance the repertoire of today’s Massage Therapists and Estheticians so they can:

•Increase the effectiveness and results of each treatment. ( Anti Aging )
•Dissolve stress that a client’s internal environment may be experiencing
• Use of warm and cold stones aid in decongesting areas of importance
•Balance over-stimulated areas, while re-energizing depleted ones
•Induce a feeling of peace and harmony for each client’s well-being.
•Bring each client to a deeper level of relaxation.

During the time you are studying Stone Massage Facial – Level I, you will use various techniques, incorporating the use of stones in:

•Light friction
• Effective tracing techniques

By stimulating circulation, you will assist in inducing change in the cell activity throughout the epidermis, as the added oxygen and nutrients help the healing process. Also, by increasing the lymphatic flow, you will aid in the removal of toxins and waste products from each client’s body.

You will learn the following:

•How to effectively give a Stone Massage Facial
•Learn to differentiate stones shapes, size, mineralogy and effect on the body
•Proper use and placement of semi-precious chakra stones during a Stone Massage Facial
•Proper sanitation
•Recommended uses of stones and recharging stones
•Hands-on movements to the face, décolleté, hands and feet
•Stone placement
•How to incorporate the use of warm and cool stones into your current facial treatments
•How the warm and cool stones aid in decongestion, oxygen intake, deeper muscle penetration
•Review of correct extraction techniques only applicable for Estheticians.

Once you have completed this Certification Course, you will be ready to safely and effectively incorporate this phenomenal new modality into your existing practice. This program will help you expand your skills and increase your working knowledge of Stone Massage Therapy.

When taking the Stone Massage Facial – Level I Cognitive e-Course, you will:

•Learn from an experienced professional (The Pioneer and Developer, Sonia Alexandra)
•Watch a workshop demonstration DVD to practice and review each facial, step-by-step, using warm, cool, and semi-precious chakra stones
•Work at your own pace
•Work at the time of your choosing, convenience to your schedule

Ultimately, you will be able to take your practice to a whole new level!

Stone Massage Facial – Level I Course includes:

•Cognitive e-Course Work Book
•DVD of a step-by-step professional demonstration
•Massage Stone placement chart
•Examination module with final exam in multiple-choice format for certification
•The easy-to-understand course materials
•Certificate of Completion
•Personalized toll-free support

Completion time is approximately 16 hours

Your diploma is available for direct download upon course completion