Stone Massage and Chakra Balancing Level II (24 CE)


The Stone Massage level 2 course features 7 chakra rotations included in this advanced treatment. NCB, TMB continuing education provider

Due to the ever-growing popularity of Stone Massage, numerous facilities now require all staff to have proper stone massage certification. We highly recommend taking the introductory Stone Massage – Level I class first, but it is not a prerequisite.

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This course was designed to keep you on the leading edge of Stone Therapy, taking Stone Massage to the next level in a clear and safe manner. It allows you to study in the convenience of your own home so you can study when it is most convenient for you. You will earn twenty-four (24) CE’c, and as a licensed Massage Therapist, you will be eligible to receive National or International certification. Course Description:

  • This program’s e-course manual is tailored to teach you the proper techniques of Stone Massage Level II, with clear step-by-step instructions and information.
  • Presents various stone placements and sizes, chakra stones, and attunement wand.
  • Demonstrates advanced hands-on techniques for both front and back (supine and prone) of the body including: face, hands, feet, arms and legs.
  • Learn the effective use of warm stones, cool marine stones, and semi-precious chakra stones with an attunement wand for energy balancing.
  • Step-by-step professional video demonstration, which simulates a complete full body Level II Stone Massage and chakra balancing treatment.

The $129 tuition includes everything you will need to begin offering this advanced therapy to your clients. Stone Massage – Level II  includes:

  • Cognitive e-Course Work Book
  • DVD of a step-by-step professional demonstration
  • Massage Stone placement chart
  • Examination module with final exam in multiple-choice format for certification
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Personalized toll-free support

The cost of tuition includes only one Certification per purchase.

Completion time is approximately 24 hours
Your diploma is available for direct download upon course completion