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Places to Meditate

stone_massage nAs a massage a massage therapist, I recognize the healing properties of massage, and therefore receive massages myself on a regular basis. Like many of you, I practice meditation, as well, for physical, mental and spiritual well being. I often enjoy reading articles on websites or periodicals about how to improve my meditation technique. I think it’s important to always try and improve our meditation practice by applying new techniques, or by increasing the quantity and quality of our meditations. Today, I want to have some fun and discuss some of the best, and worst, places to meditate.

My Top 5 Best Places to Meditate are:

  1. The park – Be at one with nature. A park with fresh air, birds and a lake or stream can be the perfect place to center yourself through meditation.
  2. A parked car – I love to meditate for a few minutes in my parked car at home in the morning or when I get home in the evening. Just remember to use common sense and follow safety guidelines such as removing the keys from the ignition prior to meditating. Never let your car engine run in a closed space, such as a garage, as this can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. I roll down my windows to let the fresh air in while I meditate with my keys out of the ignition.
  3. The bathtub – Add some bubble bath formula, oils or salts and lay back and soak in the serenity.
  4. The bed – either first thing in the morning, throughout the day, or in the evening before sleep, meditation in bed can be a great source of calm and renewal.
  5. Your closet ­­– Not your usual choice, right? It can be a sanctuary within a bustling house and a great escape. Try it out.


My Top 5 Worst Places to Meditate include:

  1. Your car, when you’re driving –  I know, driving has been known to raise stress levels. No matter how tempting it may be to close your eyes, zone out, and have a Zen moment, this is NEVER a good idea. Instead, try taking deep breaths while counting to ten, but don’t hold your breath, just take deep, full breathes, exhaling any building tension.
  2. At work, in front of boss – For you, taking 15 minutes to meditate will actually increase your productivity, but your boss might not see it that way and interpret your meditation as either sleep or laziness.
  3. On the subway or bus – This might seem like a good idea, and even work out for some, but for me, the thought of missing my stop, being pick-pocketed or worrying about zoning out the chatterbox sitting next to me, makes this a poor meditation spot for me.
  4. While your kids are in your direct care – Life has handed you the ultimate responsibility and we know how challenging that can be at times. When your kids, or any kids, or in your care, meditation is not an option as your first and only priority is their care and protection.
  5. On your first date – To you, meditating displays your brilliant spiritual nature, but to someone that doesn’t know you, it can appear quite out of the ordinary.

I want to conclude by saying that I promote meditation, when appropriate within our social construct. I consider myself a true believer in and proponent of, meditation.


By Sonia Alexandra, LMT

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