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Massage Relief For Fibromyalgia Pain

In my previous article I spoke about the possible causes and symptoms of fibromyalgia.
Today I would like to address treatment options, that I have personally used on my clients over the years with positive results

The usual symptoms are characterized by pain tenderness, joint pain, and stiffness of muscles, tendons and associated tissue.

Stone massage can bring quick relief, however I created a protocol of alternative warm and cool stone therapy that eases the pain for days.

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Stone Massage Can Greatly Help a Person’s Grieving Process


Stone Massage can greatly help a person’s grieving process through the power of release. The stones facilitate the removal of negative energy from the body.

grievingStone Massage Therapy for the Grieving Client


The grieving client, having experienced a personal tragedy, is in emotional pain due to their loss. The healing path is different for each individual. As therapists, we can all relate and remember the first time one of our clients had an emotional release during the massage treatment.

My first experience in this regard was with Mrs. Jones, who had recently lost her husband. 20 minutes into the massage, I began to feel the tremendous grief coming from her body and soul. Then, the sobbing began. I placed my hands on her. No words were necessary, just healing touch. I gently placed a warm stone in each of her hands and one on her heart chakra and simply waited for her to release her emotional pain. After the session, she related to me how very helpful the experience had been and that she was returning for additional treatments, which she did. We are still friends to this day.

I can relate to the tremendous pain having lost my own mother only two weeks ago.

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The Power of Human Touch


  • a Mother’s hand
  • a Father’s hand
  • a Sibling’s hand
  • a Teacher’s hand
  • a First Love’s hand

These have all left us with indelible images and feelings of positive nurturing touch. We are indeed wired to interpret human touch as the most direct form of communication and conduit for the healing power of love.

We need need more human contact than we normally receive on a daily basis in order to reap the corresponding health benefits. Touch is truly a fundamental human need and research strongly indicates touch can help prevent both physical and emotional trauma. Like laughter, human touch can lengthen and improve the quality of your life. Human touch can improve your immune system and is one of the most powerful healing remedies.

Professional massage therapist services are invaluable, from the sheer pleasure of the method, to the healing of ailments and the easing of pain, as well as the relieving of anxiety and stress.

I encourage everyone to partake of a professional massage as often as is practical in order to improve your lives.


Sonia Alexandra, LMT

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P.S.   Soothing music enhances the healing experience when combined with touch. Check out this healing music and feel the stress melt away. Perhaps you can just allow this music to play in the background while you surf the web today. Enjoy.

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Learn Stone Massage From the Pioneer – Sonia Alexandra, LMT: Massage Industry Leader and Developer of the Stone Massage Technique


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Did You Know? Insurance companies now require Stone Massage Practitioners to be certified. Professionals should also be proficient in the application of specific aspects of the modality, such as the Fitzpatrick Scale.

Sonia Alexandra, L.M.T., is a trusted voice for thousands in the wellness industry, and is an internationally recognized expert in this field. She has created the leading Stone Massage manufacturing and educational company, a globally recognized firm with a worldwide distribution and education network. As the leading developer of and authority on the world-renowned Stone Massage Therapy concept, she has presented in countless countries and venues, including the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa.

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Self-Worth or Shelf-Worth: What Do We Value?

samantha-hyde-Beauty-is-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder It’s difficult to argue against the fact that money, appearances, and fashion pervade and greatly influence the society we live in. Anyone with a set of eyes understands that one’s physical appearance greatly affects how that person is treated. As humans, we often consciously or unconsciously judge people based on how physically attractive they are and/or how much money we think that they may have.

Those of us in the health and beauty industries provide services that make people feel good about themselves. Whether it’s through a facial, a haircut or a massage, we want our customers to go out the door feeling better and more confident or relaxed then when they came to see us. The current social situation, highlighted above, where instantaneous judgments of a person’s self-worth based on appearances, is one which we, as humans, are unlikely to evolve out of in the immediate future.

However, as agents of growth, transformation and healing, is it not our duty as well to at least consider and address the fact that this system of self-worth based on superficial appearances is flawed and less than ideal? My life has taught me that love, understanding, personality, intelligence and wisdom are far more valuable than looks alone. So, as we deal with clients, let us remember to strive to be beacons of light and love in this often cold and unforgiving world. In my opinion, the greatest gift you can give your clients, and anyone you associate with, is a greater love and appreciation of themselves (healthy self-love, not egotistical narcissism), which is the point from which they in turn can spread love to others within their spheres of influence.

Please continue to be patient, sympathetic and wise to all you come in contact with. Try not to judge…if you can.

By Sonia Alexandra, LMT
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Places to Meditate

stone_massage nAs a massage a massage therapist, I recognize the healing properties of massage, and therefore receive massages myself on a regular basis. Like many of you, I practice meditation, as well, for physical, mental and spiritual well being. I often enjoy reading articles on websites or periodicals about how to improve my meditation technique. I think it’s important to always try and improve our meditation practice by applying new techniques, or by increasing the quantity and quality of our meditations. Today, I want to have some fun and discuss some of the best, and worst, places to meditate.

My Top 5 Best Places to Meditate are:

  1. The park – Be at one with nature. A park with fresh air, birds and a lake or stream can be the perfect place to center yourself through meditation.
  2. A parked car – I love to meditate for a few minutes in my parked car at home in the morning or when I get home in the evening. Just remember to use common sense and follow safety guidelines such as removing the keys from the ignition prior to meditating. Never let your car engine run in a closed space, such as a garage, as this can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. I roll down my windows to let the fresh air in while I meditate with my keys out of the ignition.
  3. The bathtub – Add some bubble bath formula, oils or salts and lay back and soak in the serenity.
  4. The bed – either first thing in the morning, throughout the day, or in the evening before sleep, meditation in bed can be a great source of calm and renewal.
  5. Your closet ­­– Not your usual choice, right? It can be a sanctuary within a bustling house and a great escape. Try it out.


My Top 5 Worst Places to Meditate include:

  1. Your car, when you’re driving –  I know, driving has been known to raise stress levels. No matter how tempting it may be to close your eyes, zone out, and have a Zen moment, this is NEVER a good idea. Instead, try taking deep breaths while counting to ten, but don’t hold your breath, just take deep, full breathes, exhaling any building tension.
  2. At work, in front of boss – For you, taking 15 minutes to meditate will actually increase your productivity, but your boss might not see it that way and interpret your meditation as either sleep or laziness.
  3. On the subway or bus – This might seem like a good idea, and even work out for some, but for me, the thought of missing my stop, being pick-pocketed or worrying about zoning out the chatterbox sitting next to me, makes this a poor meditation spot for me.
  4. While your kids are in your direct care – Life has handed you the ultimate responsibility and we know how challenging that can be at times. When your kids, or any kids, or in your care, meditation is not an option as your first and only priority is their care and protection.
  5. On your first date – To you, meditating displays your brilliant spiritual nature, but to someone that doesn’t know you, it can appear quite out of the ordinary.

I want to conclude by saying that I promote meditation, when appropriate within our social construct. I consider myself a true believer in and proponent of, meditation.


By Sonia Alexandra, LMT

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The History of Massage Therapy

            The healing art of massage is known, through inscriptions, sculpture and writing, to have been employed at least 5,000 years ago, in locations such as China and India, and has probably existed much longer. Inscriptions inside Egyptian tombs dating back to this era also verify that massage is as ancient as recorded history itself.  Massage began as a healing art aimed at curing ailments of the body. However, as humans began to master their environment, massage began to be used as a preventative medical treatment and as a form of indulgence for the wealthy. Because massage was often a privilege of the elite during classical times, it lost its popularity among much of the general public for centuries. However, it has endured the test of time and reemerged to become more popular than ever.

            In today’s global marketplace, we are able to enjoy the fruits of labor of all the massage pioneers of the past and have access to the many forms and modalities of massage therapy that have evolved and developed over time. Swedish and Deep-tissue massage, in particular, have stood the test of time because of their beneficial value.

            Stone massage, as we know it, is based on some wonderful massage techniques of the ancient world that have been adapted by me, Sonia Alexandra (LMT), to become very suitable for and most beneficial to our clients and the people we care about. My stone massage technique has become widely accepted within the last 15 years creating a new service menu item and modality that is now available all over the world. Stone healing looks to maintain its place among the greatest massage techniques of all time.

            All of these developments in massage modalities could not have come at a better time, as today’s world can often seem more stressful than ever! The massage practitioners of this, the 21st Century, are very skilled in their therapeutic practice due to the licensing, education and regulatory processes.

            I would like to express my gratitude to all massage therapists out there today. If someone hasn’t thanked you for how wonderful you are lately, than allow me. Thank you. I know many of you receive just as great a satisfaction from healing to weak, crippled, or just plain stressed-out as I do and I would remind you to take care of yourselves just as much as you take care of your clients. You deserve it.


              By Sonia Alexandra, LMT


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Origin of the Word “Massage”

Greetings Fellow Massage Therapists and Healing Enthusiasts,

The words we speak carry tremendous meaning, often more significant than we may even be aware of. Let us delve into the origin and meaning of the word “massage.”

 According to one Etymology dictionary, the English word massage is derived from the French word massage, meaning “friction or kneading.” The French may have borrowed the word massage from colonial India, where the Portuguese used the word amasser, or “to knead” from the Latin word massa, meaning “mass, dough.”  It also may derive from the Arabic word massa, meaning “to touch, feel, handle;”

Remember that you are a member of a select group of healers, who have been touching lives across the world since the beginning of civilization through the power of the healing touch. We are all connected.

 Sonia Alexandra, LMT

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Presenting a Three-Part Series on Understanding Domestic Violence – Part 2

Presenting a Three-Part Series on Understanding Domestic Violence
Part 2

Domestic Violence Awareness


Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women aged 15 to 44, a fact that is startling. Domestic violence is more frequent than ever imagined and affects everyone in the family.

Studies estimate that 10 to 20 percent of children are at risk for exposure to domestic violence. In other words, between 3.3 and 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence, which leaves emotional scars that last a lifetime. These children are twice as likely to become abusers themselves, so the cycle of abuse continues from generation to generation. It must be stated that women and children are not the only victims of domestic violence as men also are victims of this inhumane act.

Let us end this madness! How can we end it? Education is the first and foremost important step towards wiping out domestic violence from our midst. Let’s do it for us all, for humanity.

Of course, domestic violence leaves the victims physically injured, such as crippled, disfigured, and suffering from hearing loss. Domestic violence victims often also lose or miss out on many things in life, such as the loss of peace of mind, friends, loved ones and belongings. There is also the unseen emotional damage, including emotional scars and the inability to trust. Domestic violence victims also suffer from many forms of fear, such as the fear of being alone at night and the fear for their lives.

Society has a tendency to blame the victim. However, no one deserves to be abused, no matter what the circumstances are. Statistics show that 75% of women who are murdered by their batterers are killed when they leave or after they leave the relationship. Stepping away is not always easy.

Together, we can make difference.