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Self-Worth or Shelf-Worth: What Do We Value?

samantha-hyde-Beauty-is-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder It’s difficult to argue against the fact that money, appearances, and fashion pervade and greatly influence the society we live in. Anyone with a set of eyes understands that one’s physical appearance greatly affects how that person is treated. As humans, we often consciously or unconsciously judge people based on how physically attractive they are and/or how much money we think that they may have.

Those of us in the health and beauty industries provide services that make people feel good about themselves. Whether it’s through a facial, a haircut or a massage, we want our customers to go out the door feeling better and more confident or relaxed then when they came to see us. The current social situation, highlighted above, where instantaneous judgments of a person’s self-worth based on appearances, is one which we, as humans, are unlikely to evolve out of in the immediate future.

However, as agents of growth, transformation and healing, is it not our duty as well to at least consider and address the fact that this system of self-worth based on superficial appearances is flawed and less than ideal? My life has taught me that love, understanding, personality, intelligence and wisdom are far more valuable than looks alone. So, as we deal with clients, let us remember to strive to be beacons of light and love in this often cold and unforgiving world. In my opinion, the greatest gift you can give your clients, and anyone you associate with, is a greater love and appreciation of themselves (healthy self-love, not egotistical narcissism), which is the point from which they in turn can spread love to others within their spheres of influence.

Please continue to be patient, sympathetic and wise to all you come in contact with. Try not to judge…if you can.

By Sonia Alexandra, LMT
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