continuing massage therapy education
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Continuing Massage Therapy Education

Continuing Massage Therapy Education

Holistic Medicine is described as the art and science of working with the body to help repair and improve aspects of the whole person – body, spirit, and mind. There are numerous different practices of holistic medicine that work to implement conventional as well as alternative therapies in order to address diseases and work toward moving towards optimum health. Massage therapy is among one of the oldest and most renowned forms of healing and health care. For these reasons, it’s easy to note why many individuals enjoy continuing massage therapy education. One of the best parts of massage therapy is there’s always new techniques to learn or ways to help improve upon existing ones for a greater and more complete form of healing.

Sonia Alexandra offers a wide array of courses that would help anyone looking towards continuing massage therapy education. Sonia has dedicated her life to holistic healing and even developed the hot stone massage therapy technique. She is revered as “the world’s leading authority on stone healing and massage techniques.” Through years of experience and mastery, Sonia has developed a thorough understanding of massage therapy and its multiple, practical applications.

The certification courses are divided according to difficulty level as well as specific applications including stone facial massages and chakra balancing treatments. Hot stone massages are a widely accepted natural therapy in which warmed stones (commonly river rocks or smooth-surfaced basalt stones). Basalt has naturally high iron contents which help the stones retain the heat from the hot, sanitized water.

By continuing massage therapy education with a hot stone course certification you are offering your future clients a complete massage therapy experience. This will ensure that they reap all the benefits that this holistic healing practice has to offer. Hot stone massages have been shown to help relieve autoimmune diseases’ symptoms from conditions such as Fibromyalgia, can promote sleep, may boost immunity, reduces anxiety, and can help mitigate muscle rigidity and discomfort.

Hot Stone Massage therapy has been shown to help with improved circulation as well. The standard procedure involves resting the heated stones to rest on what massage therapists refer to as trigger points, this is done prior to beginning the actual massage. The heat from the stones placed on these trigger points help blood vessels in the deeper body tissues open; this is what results in ameliorated blood pressure.

All courses offered by were written and professionally catered to by Sonia Alexandra. You can sign up for a course with the confidence that you are getting the best, most accurate information on the topic because they were written by the technique developer. Therapist education is important, we know this, which is why our courses are tailored to provide the best information in a clear manner.  All course are certified by AMTA and ADMP meaning that your educational therapy certification is nationally recognized. Don’t hesitate with continuing massage therapy education, Learn from the best and grow to be the best.



Continuing Massage Therapy Education