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Massage Therapy for Children

Massage Therapy for Children !

We as Therapists offer a variety of massage treatments for adults, from relaxing spa treatments, to a history of therapeutic massage procedures that include but are not limited to, such as craniosacral, zone therapy, rolfing, stone massage incorporated for a variety of ailments.

Lately several studies have been conducted involving adolescents who have ADHD, the studies confirmed that the children who received regular scheduled massage treatments
Were much restless, it seems massage is helpful for short term effect, as it helps calm the
central nervous system, as well as many the other benefits of massage.

Autism in 2014 is on the rise, 1 out of 68 children are now diagnosed with Autism. With efforts on early detection and the benefits of healing touch we can make a tremendous difference in these children’s lives, an accepted innovative treatment procedure being utilized now is massage therapy, it consists of safe gentle nurturing touch and sensory integration.

Supportive alternative treatments for children are flourishing, from yoga to build strength and flexibility to meditation mini classes to teach children how to calm the mind.

As massage therapist we have an opportunity to learn new skills and expand our service offerings. We all have our massage specialties that resonate loudest with us. I recommend focusing on that area and becoming an expert in that field. As the needs of the world is changing so must we to meet their needs.


Sonia Alexandra LMT

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