Recertification NCBTMB
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Recertification NCBTMB, Stone Healing, Stone Massage, Sonia Alexandra, Energy Healing

Recertification NCBTMB

Massage therapy is one of the oldest and most widely accepted forms of holistic healing. Holistic medicine is an art as much as it is a science. It takes a dedicated and practiced practitioner to properly carry out the practice it orders to yield good results. Stone Healing’s founder, Sonia Alexandra, has described this moment of connection as a glimpse into the divine stating that  “energy solidifies and creates the molecular restructure to the needed area of the body, assisting the body in its healing process… as healers we are just presenting the possibility, it is you and your body that reacts, scientific evidence is slowly emerging to verify what the healing community always knew, we can truly call it ancient wisdom.” Massage therapy is documented in texts that exceed four thousand years in age as a form of medicinal treatment. Stone healing was created in the hopes of helping massage therapists further their education regarding their chosen career path. Stone healing provides courses for any healers’ Recertification NCBTMB needs. We design our courses that meet the standards of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massages because we respect and value the work that they do in defining, raising, and upholding a caliber level within the industry.

Stone Healing contributed to the modification, improvement, and reintroduction of hot stone massage therapy. The practice of using heated stones has verbal and written documentation dating back around two-thousand years by the Chinese. The Chinese conducted the practice of heating stones because of the noted correlation to improved internal organ functionality. The use of stones in the practice of holistic healing and alternative therapies was documented in various other areas following the Chinese including:

  • Africa
  • Egypt
  • Europe
  • India.
  • North America
  • South America

There were various ways introduced into the general population for using stones for therapeutic purposes. Some of the techniques that were used included:

  • Laying the stones in specific arrangements over the body
  • carrying/wearing the stones for health and protection (spirituality related)
  • Using stones for ceremonial purposes
  • Heating of the stones for sweat lodges

Stone Healing has developed courses that are easily remote accessible a through tablets, smartphones, and mobile computers. Our courses provide you with knowledge and experience that our founder, Sonia Alexandra, has built through her years of practice and education. Our company was founded with the intention of spreading this highly effective technique to any and all interested massage therapists and holistic healers. The NCBTMB standards that we uphold with our courses ensure that once you complete any of the educational tools that we are offering you will be certified by a nationally recognized board. This helps your customers understand your commitment to professionalism and adeptness within the massage therapy profession.

Massage therapy is a career choice involving dedication, a nurturing attitude, and having a health-conscious interest. Stone healing is dedicated to providing a way for holistic healers like that Like Sonia Alexandra have a passion for the industry and a desire for continuing their education. Our central focus revolves around creating a network where massage therapists can turn to for continuing to grow their arsenal of techniques, practice proficiently, and gain certifications, overall respect, and recognition within the holistic healing community.

Recertification NCBTMB

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Stone Massage

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Stone Massage Can Greatly Help a Person’s Grieving Process


Stone Massage can greatly help a person’s grieving process through the power of release. The stones facilitate the removal of negative energy from the body.

grievingStone Massage Therapy for the Grieving Client


The grieving client, having experienced a personal tragedy, is in emotional pain due to their loss. The healing path is different for each individual. As therapists, we can all relate and remember the first time one of our clients had an emotional release during the massage treatment.

My first experience in this regard was with Mrs. Jones, who had recently lost her husband. 20 minutes into the massage, I began to feel the tremendous grief coming from her body and soul. Then, the sobbing began. I placed my hands on her. No words were necessary, just healing touch. I gently placed a warm stone in each of her hands and one on her heart chakra and simply waited for her to release her emotional pain. After the session, she related to me how very helpful the experience had been and that she was returning for additional treatments, which she did. We are still friends to this day.

I can relate to the tremendous pain having lost my own mother only two weeks ago.

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The Power of Human Touch


  • a Mother’s hand
  • a Father’s hand
  • a Sibling’s hand
  • a Teacher’s hand
  • a First Love’s hand

These have all left us with indelible images and feelings of positive nurturing touch. We are indeed wired to interpret human touch as the most direct form of communication and conduit for the healing power of love.

We need need more human contact than we normally receive on a daily basis in order to reap the corresponding health benefits. Touch is truly a fundamental human need and research strongly indicates touch can help prevent both physical and emotional trauma. Like laughter, human touch can lengthen and improve the quality of your life. Human touch can improve your immune system and is one of the most powerful healing remedies.

Professional massage therapist services are invaluable, from the sheer pleasure of the method, to the healing of ailments and the easing of pain, as well as the relieving of anxiety and stress.

I encourage everyone to partake of a professional massage as often as is practical in order to improve your lives.


Sonia Alexandra, LMT

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P.S.   Soothing music enhances the healing experience when combined with touch. Check out this healing music and feel the stress melt away. Perhaps you can just allow this music to play in the background while you surf the web today. Enjoy.

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Origin of the Word “Massage”

Greetings Fellow Massage Therapists and Healing Enthusiasts,

The words we speak carry tremendous meaning, often more significant than we may even be aware of. Let us delve into the origin and meaning of the word “massage.”

 According to one Etymology dictionary, the English word massage is derived from the French word massage, meaning “friction or kneading.” The French may have borrowed the word massage from colonial India, where the Portuguese used the word amasser, or “to knead” from the Latin word massa, meaning “mass, dough.”  It also may derive from the Arabic word massa, meaning “to touch, feel, handle;”

Remember that you are a member of a select group of healers, who have been touching lives across the world since the beginning of civilization through the power of the healing touch. We are all connected.

 Sonia Alexandra, LMT

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Massage and Lower Back Pain

grieving I find in my personal practice, as well as the industry in general, back pain has increased tremendously, and is one of the most common complaints. Research indicates that qualified massage therapist are generally more effective at dealing with general lower back pain, then other more traditional methods, such as painkillers, anti inflammatory drugs, or physical therapy.

If you have ever experienced lower back pain, then you know the
feeling of pain relief; AHHHHHH what a relief it is.

Depending on the individual situation, always making certain a doctor’s evaluation is shared, different massage techniques can be incorporated. Depending on the particular cause of the pain, some of them are Swedish, warm & cool stone therapy, deep tissue manipulation, etc. are suitable for pain related points, where certain ligaments, joints, and postural alignment are targeted.

Massage therapy speaks for itself, clients report significant lessening of pain as well as improvement of motor function.

Sonia Alexandra, LMT

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Massage Therapy for Children

Massage Therapy for Children !

We as Therapists offer a variety of massage treatments for adults, from relaxing spa treatments, to a history of therapeutic massage procedures that include but are not limited to, such as craniosacral, zone therapy, rolfing, stone massage incorporated for a variety of ailments.

Lately several studies have been conducted involving adolescents who have ADHD, the studies confirmed that the children who received regular scheduled massage treatments
Were much restless, it seems massage is helpful for short term effect, as it helps calm the
central nervous system, as well as many the other benefits of massage.

Autism in 2014 is on the rise, 1 out of 68 children are now diagnosed with Autism. With efforts on early detection and the benefits of healing touch we can make a tremendous difference in these children’s lives, an accepted innovative treatment procedure being utilized now is massage therapy, it consists of safe gentle nurturing touch and sensory integration.

Supportive alternative treatments for children are flourishing, from yoga to build strength and flexibility to meditation mini classes to teach children how to calm the mind.

As massage therapist we have an opportunity to learn new skills and expand our service offerings. We all have our massage specialties that resonate loudest with us. I recommend focusing on that area and becoming an expert in that field. As the needs of the world is changing so must we to meet their needs.


Sonia Alexandra LMT

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Presenting a Three-Part Series on Understanding Domestic Violence – Part 3

Presenting a Three-Part Series on Understanding Domestic Violence
Part 3


How Can We Help?

As we begin to understand the jaw-dropping statistics concerning domestic violence (Part 2), we learn that the prevalence of family violence in our society means that eventually someone we know, in our social circle, or someone we love, will be affected.

We need to understand what makes it difficult for the abused to leave; it is an individual choice, uniquely their own. Often, there are many factors and obstacles to leaving, such as intimidation, children, lack of resources, low self-esteem and even religion.

To the untrained eye, one might not know what questions to ask, and sometimes tend to blame the victim.

As a massage therapist, we are in a unique position to help. We can show our support by familiarizing ourselves with the victim assistance facilities as well as theprograms in our particular areas, for referral. We can help empower these victims. Women respond when told THEY CAN DO IT!

Share the coping tools you are familiar with. Most of all, use your healing touch; it provides such as important link on the journey to heart and soul healing. We can make a tremendous lasting difference in each others lives.

Blessings Always,

                            Sonia Alexandra

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What are Chakras?

“Chakra is an old Sanskrit term meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’ and is generally used to reference specific energy centers along the body’s meridian. Generally there are seven chakra points, although some systems include one or two extra points.” (

7 Chakra's

Chakra 1: Base (or Root)

Open: Feel safe, secure and welcome.

Under-Active: Nervous or fearful.

Over-Active: Resist change and are materialistic.

Chakra 2: Sacral

Open: Feelings flow freely.

Under-Active: Unemotional.

Over-Active: Emotional all the time.


Chakra 3: Solar

Open: Feel in control and assertive.
Under-Active: Passive and Indecisive.
Over-Active: Aggressive.

Chakra 4: Heart

Open: Compassionate and friendly.

Under-Active: Cold and distant.

Over-Active: Smothering.

Chakra 5: Throat

Open: Able to express yourself.

Under-Active: Introverted and shy.

Over-Active: Talkative.

Chakra 6: Brow

Open: Have good intuition.

Under-Active: Rely on other people’s decisions.

Over-Active: Live in Fantasy Land.

Chakra 7: Crown

Open: Feeling connected to the world around you.

Under-Active: Self-denial.

Over-Active: Craving sympathy.

To Learn About Your Personal Chakra Levels…

This Chakra Test will help you determine if your Chakra levels are ‘open’, ‘under-active’, or ‘over-active.