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Massage Therapy in 2015

bowl-of-salt-copy-400x298How do you protect yourself?

I am dedicated to making 2015 our best year.

I would like to begin this New Year sharing with you from experience what I believe is an extremely important factor treating a client.
I have been a licensed LMT since the early 70’s no one prepared me for what I can only call energy vampires. We all know what I am referring too. We sometimes go home after a work day exhausted and depleted of energy, and do not know why?

We all know certain clients who just drain us physically and emotionally.
It is imperative you protect your personal space when exchanging any hands – on massage therapy.
A simple effective solution is to begin your day with this intention. Prior to treatment as your client is laying on the table, visualize a sparkling white light and surround your entire aura with it, from head to toe. Now visualize a deep hole on the earth, and tell yourself that any negative energy presence in the room is automatically be directed there. You can also keep a small container of sea – salt under your table for added protection I suggest doing this once daily, you will be amazed at the results.

Sonia Alexandra, LMT

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