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Life is a Sum of Our ChoicesWe will tell you we are all about caring, hoping and making a difference in peoples lives. We will also tell you that most of us have experienced a strange phenomenon, and we can all recall when it began for the first time. I named it the healing touch miracle long ago. It occurs between client and practitioner who have formed an emotional bond,it enters the room calmly, a subtle energy form, a cool cloud, a higher intelligence form. I can only describe it as pure ether energy.

In my personal experience that energy solidifies and creates the molecular restructure to the needed area of the body to assist in the healing process. Using the stone tapping procedure in conjunction with the therapy seem to amplify this process, due I suspect to the change in the body’s electromagnetic field. How the process occurs I leave to our keen scientists and their brilliance. As a spiritually motivated therapist dedicated to stone healing I can only humbly share this with deep respect.

Please let us hear from you and your personal experiences.

Sonia Alexandra

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