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Text Neck RX

Text Neck RX

The average human head weights approximately 10 pounds.
Look around you. Everyone has their neck down texting; this places their head into a 60% angle.
Massage therapist have been reporting an increasing amount of clients, especially younger people, coming in with TN symptoms.

Every inch the neck tilts forward, it doubles the pressure on the spine, and places excessive stress on the neck and related muscles, such as the Sternocleidomastoid. This is the primary muscle that flexes the head forward towards the chest

A recent article by The National Library of Medicine reveals research that indicates:

* Wear and tear on the cervical spine.

* Tissue can become inflamed

* Causing muscle strain

* Pinched nerve

* Herniated discs

As massage therapists we must be accountable for understanding standard orthopedic joint range of motion measurements. This is a must in determining sound procedures for massage therapists treating this new condition. Our clients will need our educational and emotional support to help reduced anxiety, allowing the healing process to begin.

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