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Stone Massage Can Greatly Help a Person’s Grieving Process


Stone Massage can greatly help a person’s grieving process through the power of release. The stones facilitate the removal of negative energy from the body.

grievingStone Massage Therapy for the Grieving Client


The grieving client, having experienced a personal tragedy, is in emotional pain due to their loss. The healing path is different for each individual. As therapists, we can all relate and remember the first time one of our clients had an emotional release during the massage treatment.

My first experience in this regard was with Mrs. Jones, who had recently lost her husband. 20 minutes into the massage, I began to feel the tremendous grief coming from her body and soul. Then, the sobbing began. I placed my hands on her. No words were necessary, just healing touch. I gently placed a warm stone in each of her hands and one on her heart chakra and simply waited for her to release her emotional pain. After the session, she related to me how very helpful the experience had been and that she was returning for additional treatments, which she did. We are still friends to this day.

I can relate to the tremendous pain having lost my own mother only two weeks ago.

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