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HUMAN TRAFFICKING EDUCATION The Hidden Crime This course is designed as an introduction to Human Trafficking  (both labor and sex



HUMAN TRAFFICKING EDUCATION The Hidden Crime This course is designed as an introduction to Human Trafficking  (both labor and sex


The 7 Chakra Chart

Combining the best of Eastern and Western holistic remedies to re rotate and balance all 7 chakras in both male and female. Each Chakra has a distinct purpose and unites interconnected gemstones, colors, oils, and locations to restore and rejuvenate overall health. The re-balancing effect is proven and undeniable – learn more today!


Book Dog Stone Massage Education

Everything you need to know so your precious dog can live a holistic pain-free life. Ancient art of natural healing is becoming a real science and is being adapted into health care on a global basis.


Blue Sodalite Charm

Healing Dog Stone Not only humans but for precious pets aswell can benefit greatly from the power of these special stones. Blue Sodalite aids in providing direction of purpose, and mutual dependence, also recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties. Pouch included


Rose Quartz Attunement Wand

This means that it can be used for specific tasks, such as directing healing energy to designated points on the body


Chakra Balancing Stone Set (7)

They can remove blockages, & neutralize negative energy, they also are very useful in rebalancing the chakras. Pouch included.


Fitzpatrick Classification Chart Downloadable Version

Important guidelines on how patient particular skin type respond to heat application and fermentation.


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Recertification NCBTMB
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Recertification NCBTMB, Stone Healing, Stone Massage, Sonia Alexandra, Energy Healing

Recertification NCBTMB

Massage therapy is one of the oldest and most widely accepted forms of holistic healing. Holistic medicine is an art as much as it is a science. It takes a dedicated and practiced practitioner to properly carry out the practice it orders to yield good results. Stone Healing’s founder, Sonia Alexandra, has described this moment of connection as a glimpse into the divine stating that  “energy solidifies and creates the molecular restructure to the needed area of the body, assisting the body in its healing process… as healers we are just presenting the possibility, it is you and your body that reacts, scientific evidence is slowly emerging to verify what the healing community always knew, we can truly call it ancient wisdom.” Massage therapy is documented in texts that exceed four thousand years in age as a form of medicinal treatment. Stone healing was created in the hopes of helping massage therapists further their education regarding their chosen career path. Stone healing provides courses for any healers’ Recertification NCBTMB needs. We design our courses that meet the standards of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massages because we respect and value the work that they do in defining, raising, and upholding a caliber level within the industry.

Stone Healing contributed to the modification, improvement, and reintroduction of hot stone massage therapy. The practice of using heated stones has verbal and written documentation dating back around two-thousand years by the Chinese. The Chinese conducted the practice of heating stones because of the noted correlation to improved internal organ functionality. The use of stones in the practice of holistic healing and alternative therapies was documented in various other areas following the Chinese including:

  • Africa
  • Egypt
  • Europe
  • India.
  • North America
  • South America

There were various ways introduced into the general population for using stones for therapeutic purposes. Some of the techniques that were used included:

  • Laying the stones in specific arrangements over the body
  • carrying/wearing the stones for health and protection (spirituality related)
  • Using stones for ceremonial purposes
  • Heating of the stones for sweat lodges

Stone Healing has developed courses that are easily remote accessible a through tablets, smartphones, and mobile computers. Our courses provide you with knowledge and experience that our founder, Sonia Alexandra, has built through her years of practice and education. Our company was founded with the intention of spreading this highly effective technique to any and all interested massage therapists and holistic healers. The NCBTMB standards that we uphold with our courses ensure that once you complete any of the educational tools that we are offering you will be certified by a nationally recognized board. This helps your customers understand your commitment to professionalism and adeptness within the massage therapy profession.

Massage therapy is a career choice involving dedication, a nurturing attitude, and having a health-conscious interest. Stone healing is dedicated to providing a way for holistic healers like that Like Sonia Alexandra have a passion for the industry and a desire for continuing their education. Our central focus revolves around creating a network where massage therapists can turn to for continuing to grow their arsenal of techniques, practice proficiently, and gain certifications, overall respect, and recognition within the holistic healing community.

Recertification NCBTMB

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Stone Healing

Stone Massage

NCBTMB Recertification
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NCBTMB Recertification, NCBTMB Continuing Education, Continuing Massage Therapy Education, Stone Healing, Stone Massage, Pet Stone Massage, Sonia Alexandra

NCBTMB Recertification

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork was founded in 1992 with the purpose of defining, raising, and upholding standards within the industry of massage therapy and bodywork. The NCBTMB offers consumers of the industry a quick, accessible, and comprehensive way to distinguish between the various providers offering services. Most of the time if a consumer that is trying to make a choice between two individuals with similar practices they are much more likely to go with the board certified provider. NCBTMB recertification keeps you as the preferred choice for all your customers, including future ones. The standards for NCBTMB recertification will ensure that you are consistently up to date with the best techniques of your chosen profession.

Dexterity should be what you are striving for as a professional in any field. If you want to offer the best services available you have to constantly be pushing yourself to learn, master, relearn, and continue this pattern of growth. This idea is excellently illustrated by a quote on mastery by Philip Toshio Sudo “Maturity means learning the value of that which is hard-earned.” if you have a passion for what you do then you want to be able to demonstrate that passion through adroit proficiency. NCBTMB recertification will guarantee that you become not only more astute but also more comparatively zealous.

Stone Healing offers numerous courses that will engage your inner student so that you can learn the most advanced techniques currently available within our industry. Our courses are NCBTMB certified because we value their standards of practice and believe it they can help expertly propel us and our therapists looking to get licensed/relicensed forward.  Some of our NCBTMB recertification course include:

  • Stone Massage Level 1 – Home Study Course/ Electronic Course
  • Stone Massage Level 2 – Home Study Course / Electronic Course
  • Dog Stone Massage Level 1 – Home Study Course / Electronic Course

Stone Healing’s founder, Sonia Alexandra, is a committed holistic healer who established in order to share her expertise with other massage therapists and health conscious individuals alike. Our greatest attempt and mission is to fulfill the needs of wellness providers who seek anomalously adept courses, and a source for their continued provenance. Sonia Alexandra is not only offering NCBTMB recertification courses relating to stone massages, she developed and popularized the technique herself over two decades ago. Learn from the best and if you have been previously board certified don’t allow your NCBTMB recertification pass you by. Industry leaders are the individuals that are persistently seeking knowledge and remaining keen. Contact us today for any questions about our products, services, or NCBTMB recertification courses.

NCBTMB Recertification


NCBTMB Continuing Education
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NCBTMB Continuing Education

NCBTMB Continuing Education

Massage therapy is among the oldest forms of natural health practice; documented in medical texts 4,000+ years old. Stone healing is a fantastic option for any individual looking into NCBTMB Continuing Education. In its modern history, hot stone massaging has become increasingly revered as an effective, alternative therapy for a large of amount of conditions including:

  • Muscle Tension and Stiffness
  • Chronic Stress Reduction
  • Muscle Pain and Spasms Relief
  • Alleviation from Fibromyalgia

Stone Healing offers comprehensive programs that are available to you wherever you are. Our courses are accessible through your computer, tablet, or mobile device. The courses are a culmination of all of our founder, Sonia Alexandra’s, accomplishments and gained knowledge thus far into her accomplished career. Stone healing will teach you how to recurrently learn new skills evolve as a therapist, distinguish yourself, and apply the most effective techniques available.

Stone Healing was created by Sonia Alexandra, the developer of the hot stone massage technique, in aims to educate other therapists on this highly effective form of massage therapy and teaching them the specifics behind it. We want to cultivate better therapists that will have a wider arsenal of skill sets to help these individual practitioners and entrepreneurs succeed.

Education is one of the most powerful tools available in any industry. Properly continuing your education is an essential portion of prosperity and competency within your selected industry. Stone Healing is on a committed mission to help you meet all of your educational needs. You can turn to us with confidence for any of your NCBTMB continuing education needs. We offer several different learning tools such as:

Massage therapy can also have positive applications for children’s’ benefit. One good example the potential massage therapy has to help relieve constipation, digestive and colic problems that many children are discomforted by. It is also a great way to relax a child prior to serious medical procedures such as surgery. It is common for parents to instinctively cuddle, pat, or massage their infants to help soothe them, this works because it is a form of untrained touch (massage) therapy. With a more sophisticated approach, we can treat more sophisticated ailments.

The certification courses we offer are categorized according to specific applications and difficulty levels. Our courses include a variety of stone healing modus operandi such as Spanish stone massages, dog stone massages, and even chakra balancing treatments. Our courses are also categorized by numerical levels in order to relay which ones are appropriate to your current level of therapy education. Contact Stone Healing today for any interest or questions about hot stone massage therapy.

NCBTMB Continuing Education

continuing massage therapy education
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Continuing Massage Therapy Education

Continuing Massage Therapy Education

Holistic Medicine is described as the art and science of working with the body to help repair and improve aspects of the whole person – body, spirit, and mind. There are numerous different practices of holistic medicine that work to implement conventional as well as alternative therapies in order to address diseases and work toward moving towards optimum health. Massage therapy is among one of the oldest and most renowned forms of healing and health care. For these reasons, it’s easy to note why many individuals enjoy continuing massage therapy education. One of the best parts of massage therapy is there’s always new techniques to learn or ways to help improve upon existing ones for a greater and more complete form of healing.

Sonia Alexandra offers a wide array of courses that would help anyone looking towards continuing massage therapy education. Sonia has dedicated her life to holistic healing and even developed the hot stone massage therapy technique. She is revered as “the world’s leading authority on stone healing and massage techniques.” Through years of experience and mastery, Sonia has developed a thorough understanding of massage therapy and its multiple, practical applications.

The certification courses are divided according to difficulty level as well as specific applications including stone facial massages and chakra balancing treatments. Hot stone massages are a widely accepted natural therapy in which warmed stones (commonly river rocks or smooth-surfaced basalt stones). Basalt has naturally high iron contents which help the stones retain the heat from the hot, sanitized water.

By continuing massage therapy education with a hot stone course certification you are offering your future clients a complete massage therapy experience. This will ensure that they reap all the benefits that this holistic healing practice has to offer. Hot stone massages have been shown to help relieve autoimmune diseases’ symptoms from conditions such as Fibromyalgia, can promote sleep, may boost immunity, reduces anxiety, and can help mitigate muscle rigidity and discomfort.

Hot Stone Massage therapy has been shown to help with improved circulation as well. The standard procedure involves resting the heated stones to rest on what massage therapists refer to as trigger points, this is done prior to beginning the actual massage. The heat from the stones placed on these trigger points help blood vessels in the deeper body tissues open; this is what results in ameliorated blood pressure.

All courses offered by were written and professionally catered to by Sonia Alexandra. You can sign up for a course with the confidence that you are getting the best, most accurate information on the topic because they were written by the technique developer. Therapist education is important, we know this, which is why our courses are tailored to provide the best information in a clear manner.  All course are certified by AMTA and ADMP meaning that your educational therapy certification is nationally recognized. Don’t hesitate with continuing massage therapy education, Learn from the best and grow to be the best.



Continuing Massage Therapy Education

abmp ceu
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ABMP CEU & the Piezo Electric Response

Semi-Precious Stone Education from Sonia Alexandra LMT ABMP CEU (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals – Continuing Education Units) authorized course provider.

When tapping 2 stones or crystals together we release a burst of an electromagnetic sound wave, these resonances and vibration connect with and help our bodies natural frequencies flow freely bringing us into alignment with the source of original HARMONY promoting HEALING ON A DEEP CELLULAR LEVEL.

  • When tapping 2 quartz crystals of the same pole indication they can actually generate electricity.
  • Stones are movers of energy they give to a place that is lack and move in a place of excess.
  • When affecting change on a cellular level please remember to give the body enough time to adjust to the process. Aid it by remaining calm and drink enough water.
  • Remember: when you feel thirst your tissues are already in the dehydration process.
  • The Stone Tuning System.  Incorporating Stone Healing and abmp ceu

Energy transmitters/cosmic transceivers “Stone-Tonics” is an energy-based non-innovative treatment similar to the theory of acupuncture. As when specific crystals, warm and cool stone applied on acupressure points incorporated with rhythmic stone tapping addresses the body’s Meridians and Chakra energy systems. Their resonances and vibrations connect with and support the body’s natural frequencies, they can also act as sonic enzymes and mediate between varied energy realms within us and also help to ground and root energy in the body.

Every stone has within it a component of crystals, hundreds of different elements including and when tapped transmit subtle electro-magnetic energy. Silicon is an important component of both crystal and our bodies.

Science has shown us that if a crystal is placed in an energy field, it collects that energy and contains it, it can also change and transmit energy in the process. Quartz amplifies energy and then radiate it out, the exception black crystals absorb, but do not release the energy, giving protection from negative sources repelling unwanted energies when attuned properly.

Not all stones are created equal, we specifically select and collect the stones from areas of phenomenal high energy concentrations and unpolluted waste nesses such as in Indonesia, Argentina and Peru’s specific regions.

  • The Incas
  • Naval of the Universe
  • The Capac Usnu

Cuzco was among the greatest wonders of the ancient new world for the Inca it was literally the sacred center of the Universe, there is compelling evidence that the Inca practiced herbal medicine and shamanistic healings at times also including semi-precious stones.



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Massage Stone
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Stone Massage

We Are Mind Body Soul Practitioner

We Are Mind Body Soul Practitioner


We will tell you we are all about caring, hoping and making a difference in people” lives.

We will also tell you that most of us have experienced this strange phenomenon.

We can all recall where we were, and with whom, when we experienced this phenomenon for the very first time. An unfamiliar milieu for sure

We were introduced and called forth a higher consciousness, a higher linked transpersonal connection.


I referred to it the healing touch miracle long ago. It occurs between client and practitioner who have formed an emotional bond, and there is a need for physical healing

It enters the room calmly, a subtle energy form, a cool cloud, a higher intelligence form that I can only describe it as pure ether energy.

For thousands of years, information was shared about this connected consciousness. Healers, medicine men, shamans, enlightened practitioner possess and are, capable of quite capable inducing this state, as simple as breathing.

In my personal experience, I became aware that this energy solidifies and creates the molecular restructure to the needed area of the body, assisting the body in its healing process. I call it body intelligence, inner consciousness, as healers we are just presenting the possibility, it is you and your body that re- act, scientific evidence is slowly emerging to verify what the healing community always knew, we can truly call it ancient wisdom

Using the massage stone tapping procedure, in conjunction with the therapy seems to amplify this process, due to the Piezo Electric Effect, in the body’s electromagnetic field.


As a spiritually motivated therapist dedicated to many modalities including hot stone massage and healing, I am still in awe when it occurs, I can only humbly share this with the deepest respect.


Please let us hear from you and your personal experiences.


Sonia Alexandra LMT

Author ©


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