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Fibromyalgia Affects Millions

Over 6 million individuals in the United States alone are affected by fibromyalgia; those suffering will tell you that some of the symptoms they experience have a wide range.

1. Neusculoskeletal pain
2. Tender joints
3. Sleep problems
4. Fatigue
5. Depression
This disorder disrupts normal life, and can be extremely disabling.
The onset of fibromyalgia  can be accumulative over many years.
It can also be triggered by severe trauma, surgery or other illnesses.
There is no cure at this time.

I can recall as many as 20 years ago, clients coming to my holistic spa, and sharing with us that complaints of their symptoms, to their family practitioner could not be given a specific diagnosis, and how frustrating that felt. Present day diagnostics now recognizes fibromyalgia as  a  real medical condition.
We can help our clients control their symptoms, with massage, acupuncture, meditation, exercise, proper nutrition, and other helpful therapies.
This is the first post in a series of articles in the coming weeks, I will be detailing more specific resources and effective therapies.

Sonia Alexandra LMT

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