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What’s New in Stone Massage

Monthly, there are thousands of new graduates all over the globe, and I would really like to give back to them through the educational capacity of Stone Massage University.  Because, when I first started back in the early 1970’s as an LMT, I was well aware of the power of touch, but I never set out to change the world. I only wanted establish a positive reputation and bolster the credibility of our industry by changing people’s perceptions of the actual benefits of massage.

It became my life’s work, and decades later, my deepest desire now is to be able to provide the latest information on how to facilitate the trans formative powers of massage, for both new and established practitioners, to the benefit their clients and their professional status.

I believe Stone Massage work is profoundly effective and changes how individual people respond on all levels – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As a continuing education provider and industry pioneer, I have spent the last three decades bringing together all the resources  to develop distance learning materials and online e-courses for you.  Now, you have one place that you can turn to and find the educational tools to help you to achieve your personal goals while maintaining your professional standing.  Under my guidance you will discover advancement opportunities you may not have imagined before this.

Whether you are an individual practitioner or a business owner responsible for a group of talented employees, you will find that Stone Massage University was designed to address the needs of the next generation of body work practitioners, so they can expand their horizons, both personally and professionally.  Please know that I am here to be your Personal Holistic Coach and Mentor.

  • Late in 2009, Massage Envy, a national massage franchise, to my delight has added Stone Massage to their service menu.
  • NCBTMB now offers practice exams online.
  • AMTA National Convention in 2009 had largest turn-out thus far, where they welcomed over 1,800 attendees.
  • Liability insurers are now requiring practitioners to be familiar with the Fitzpatrick Classification Scale of Skin Typing, for the application of Stone Massage, Hot Fomentations, Thai Balls, etc.

By: Sonia Alexandra

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