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Work Smarter Not Harder

The Spa and Wellness Industry is evolving rapidly, contributing to its success is stone massage, and the fact that it can be incorporated into so many different modalities.

Whether through relaxation or more targeted services Stone Massage has been a popular item on service menus for the past decade and a half.


The average burnout time for a massage therapist is approximately five years.

I would like to point out to you that proper training in the correct use of body mechanics while performing massage treatments is of vital importance. Another important factor to consider is the energy protection procedures prior to offering any hands on treatment.

If not implemented properly prior to each treatment,  negative energies can permeate our energy field and  drain us physically as well as mentally, I have personally experienced & also witnessed this in therapists numerous times, this can also be an added factor to burnout, so please remember to protect yourself.


Profound tissue massage work, as well as Rolfing and other deep tissue modalities, certainly take a toll on our bodies, especially our back, shoulders, hands and thumbs, affecting your longevity factor as a practitioner


I highly recommend using stones as therapy and as a tool, to help facilitate your deeper modalities.

May I suggest finding the perfect stone as your tool for your deeper work, once you feel comfortable with its shape in your hand, the stone you selected should be able to be grasped easily, this will give you leverage you need in your deep tissue work, allowing the stone to absorb the pressure. For the practitioner this will greatly save your hands and help you avoid repetitive injuries.

When preparing the skin for deeper tissue work I always begin by placing warm stones on the area, this greatly helps in relaxing and prepares the tissue for deeper work. I find it to be very beneficial with great results and I hope you do to.

By: Sonia Alexandra

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