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Stone Massage

Stone Massage Passive Heating

Continuing education is  a vital  component in the Massage Industry,   The United States has played a leading role since the 1990’s the massage and spa industry was beginning to boom , innovative therapies such as the introduction of stone massage helped fuel this trend, and industry associations such as the NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work) and abmp continuing education (Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals) created an education forum and leading role in ongoing massage  industry training. The proven impact of ancient traditions of massage and now also the spa culture are playing unique roles in today’s well-being culture,  we are the natural holistic source people refer to when their mind ‘s and body are in need of relief or rejuvenation. We offer to nurture wellness environment.

Utilizing water in many forms and temperatures continues to influence spas throughout the world, the latest research outcome on passive heating from the UK and Finland, indicate that indulging in a hot bath, has true potential, not only burns calories, expands blood vessels, reduces blood pressure and may improve blood sugar slightly. As massage practitioners we certainly understand the effects of passive heating, Incorporating hot stones with massage therapy has a very similar effect. The temperature of the stones is transferred to the body by means of conduction and increasing the longer the application, the deeper the penetration via reflex conduction to muscles and joints.

Penetration may reach up to 1.5 “metabolic rate is increased as well capillary blood pressure, as blood leaves congested area’s, an increase in red and white blood cells, the rise of internal temperature, thus increasing increases the and increasing lymph’s waste removal.relaxing the body at its deepest level.

Cutting edge spas are now introducing this also and stone massage rituals into their menu item,  and educational therapy incorporating the 5 elements.Who knew hot bath…. hot stones …   we do….ahhhhhh

Stone Massage

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