Stone Massage

Hot and Cold Stone Therapy

The innovation of introducing hot and cold therapy to the wellness and aesthetic industry has its ancient roots as far back as the 19th century.

Doctor Sebastian Kneipp introduced a method that allows the body to become stronger through thermal and mechanical effects.

The temperature of our skin is such that making it reach different temperatures, different sensations and reactions will be produced by introducing hot and cold.

by the 21st century we introduced hot and cold stone therapy used to affect the body’s nervous system, it reacts by influencing the gastric and  hormone secretions.

The stimulus will also travel to a related organ or other destination in the body, cold stimulates and hot slows internal activity.

The alternative use of hot and cold stones  changes on the cellular level, by use of vaso-dialation and constriction. De-congestion of an area is achieved.

This method is highly recommended for LMTs , body workers or anyone involved in the health care field.  If you would like additional information on how to relieve migraines with this hot and cold therapy please send me a comment.

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By: Sonia Alexandra

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